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Client Spotlight: Warren Morrison

Warren Morrison was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1924. He grew up during the Great Depression and had a paper route to earn money. He remembers walking everywhere until he saved up enough money to purchase a bicycle.

At 19, Warren enlisted in the Army Air Corps and spent one year in a pre- meteorology program before going to basic training at Ft. Leonardwood. He served with the 324th Engineer Battalion at Camp Maxie in Paris, Texas, and then with the 99th Division overseas building roads in Belgium.

When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, Warren was in Colorado on a medical discharge. He served a total of two and a half years. When he returned home, he used the GI Bill to earn his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University. He went on to work with oil refineries as well as on the Alaskan pipeline.

Warren met his wife Patricia in 1949. He was on a double date, and his future wife was actually the other guy’s date! They married in 1951 and were together for 50 wonderful years until Patricia passed away in 2002. She had two children from a prior marriage, and they had two children together. Their son Andy lives in the HEB area, and their daughter Ann sadly passed in a car accident several years ago.

Warren retired in 1986 at age 61 and moved to Decordova Bend Estates where he plays lots of golf. He lives on Hole 3 and has had more than a few windows broken by golf balls.

Warren and Patricia loved traveling the world together. One special tradition they had was buying an oil painting in each destination, creating a gallery of all the places they visited.

Warren was excited to attend the 80th anniversary of D-Day in France along with 50 other WWII veterans.

As part of the ceremonies to honor these legendary heroes, the veterans visited Paris, Normandy, and the American Cemetery.

Plans are in progress for celebrating Warren’s 100th birthday in August. Meanwhile, we’re thrilled to celebrate him with this client spotlight.

Mr. Morrison, you are truly our hero and we proudly salute you!


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